Welcome to DESRIST 2013

Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST) 2013 conference

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date: June 11-12, 2013
Theme: Design Science at the Intersection of Physical and Virtual Design

There has been a surge of interest in design science research in Information Systems in the last few years and we can say that this is now a mature field. The goal of the design science research paradigm is to extend the boundaries of human and organizational capabilities by designing new and innovative constructs, models, methods, processes, and systems. Scholars from different backgrounds – such as information systems, computer science, software engineering, energy informatics and medical informatics – are actively engaged in generating novel solutions to interesting design problems in Information Systems.

Note: Meet the Editors

How to Publish Design-oriented IS Research
BISE, Robert Winter, Vice Editor-in-Chief
EJIS, Pär Ågerfalk, Editor
ISeB, Jörg Becker, Editor-in-Chief
JAIS, Shirley Gregor, Editor-in-Chief
JITTA, Marcus Rothenberger, Editor-in-Chief
MISQ, Alan Hevner, Senior Editor

Any general queries about conference should be directed to desrist2013 [at] confedent.fi