Call for Contributions

The eighth DESRIST conference will bring together researchers and practitioners engaged in all aspects of design science research, with a special emphasis on the meeting points of physical and virtual designs. Apart from theoretical contributions we are encouraging submissions on specific solutions, such as products and prototypes. We invite contributions (research papers and panel proposals) that describe work in different areas of design science research, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Science of Design and Design Theory
  • Evaluation of Design Science Research
  • Design Processes
  • Principles of Design
  • Representations for Design
  • Innovations in Service Design
  • Development of Service Systems
  • Design Economics
  • Modularity and Rules in Design
  • Architectures for Design
  • Design of Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial & Business Information Services
  • Design for Environmental Sustainability, Energy Informatics, GreenIS and GreenBPM
  • Emerging Methods and Tools in Design Science Research
  • Embedded Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Objects and Environments
  • Case Studies on Value Creation through IT

We invite papers and panels as well as product and prototype presentations.