Presentation Guidelines

Each regular 90 minute paper session scheduled at DESRIST 2013 includes 3 paper presentations and is run by a session chair. Each paper session room is equipped with a Computer, a Screen, and a Data Projector.  No laptops will be provided. Presenter should come to the room on the break before the session so that the presentation can be loaded to the computer in the room.

Research in progress sessions are 90 minutes long and have 4 papers each.

Session Chair:

The session chair will play the key role in making the session work by ensuring that time limits are strictly adhered to. Sessions should start on time, with each paper being allowed 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions and for transition to the next presenter. This means each author will have approximately 18 minutes for the actual presentation.

Each session room will have time cards for the chair to indicate the remaining minutes (5, 1, and 0) for each presenter.

If any problems appear, there is a dedicated DESRIST 2013 volunteer in the room for assistance.

Presenting Authors:

Given the time limits for each paper presentation (18 minutes for full paper, 13 minutes for research in progress paper), presenting authors should have no more than 10 to 12 slides. Slides should have large font sizes. The slides should have a limited amount of large text that stimulates the audience members’ thinking about the research question, the unique aspects of the authors work, the key contributions the research makes, and the most interesting and its most surprising results or implications.